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Farmland, Pierre, South Dakota

Welcome to the Regions Project! This site is an attempt to quantify the perceptions of where different regions are within the United States.

For better or worse, in North America, the answer to the question 'Where are you from?' transmits a great deal of information, not all of it accurate. 'Where you're from' is taken as a indicator of 'where you're coming from.' (Garreau xvi)
Underlying this assertion is the idea that different parts of the United States have different viewpoints and attitudes about the world. They have different cultures. The core goal of this project is to identify these places, or regions, in a general sense. We want to know where Americans say they are 'from', and how they see the rest of the country.

The answer to that question lies in asking lots of people 'which regions do you see in the United States, and where are they?' That's what this project is all about, and your contribution is needed! Visit the Regions Survey page to register your thoughts about where our regions are.

To date, we have received 121 completed surveys. Our most recent submission was received on 09/07/2013 at 06:42 PM.